Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gunpla Tutorials Coming Soon!

So to start, I really need to update my blog here and there. The reason why I don't do it that much is because I'm waiting for my good friend, Ryo, to help me redesign the blog to make it look super DX. Yes, more DX then DX can be. But till then, gonna update when I have something awesome to say. Just stick with my Facebook Page for updates for now.

For those following my YouTube Vlogs, I mention in vlog 23 that I will be featuring Gundam or Gunpla tutorials. This is something I planned on doing for a long time now and it would be fun as well. Helping people is one of my biggest things and those interested in Gunpla but could never build them would be awesome.

At the current time, I am lacking some funds but I'm seeking dummy kits to buy so I can do some tutorials. Some models I have in mind are those of the lower grade such as 1/144 kits and SD BB Sangokuden kits then I will advanced to higher up like High Grades and Master...and Perfect Grades are too much.

I plan to buy from because they offer a lot of models, not just Gundam, for a decent price. Their prices are a bit more expensive but their shipping is amazing when purchasing a lot of kits. I actually need to buy a number of kits for myself for my resin conversion kits.

Here are some kits I have in mind for:
BB Sangokuden: Genbuso Ryofu Tallgeese
HGUC 1/144: RX-78-3 Full Armor 7th Gundam

HG 1/100: Arios Gundam
MG 1/100: Zaku 2 F/J (I only need this to convert it to Dra-C)

That's all the models I have in mind for now. I think I will be able to produce all the basics in a few videos with the first set of kits I will be getting. Anyways, if you guys have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment on my Facebook Page and I will answer as soon as possible. Also, if you want to donate, click the button on the top of this page. Thank you =D


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Preparing for Otakon 2011!

Oh man, this is my first time going to a big ass con like Otakon. For those who don't know, Otakon is the second biggest Anime convention in the united states. I'm hoping to see some Kamen Rider and Super Sentai suits all over the place. If any of my fans are going, I would love to see them and talk about awesome toku stuff!

Anyways, like my Animazement videos, I plan on recording the whole con plus more. In addition to the daily videos, there will be cosplay videos of awesome cosplays, random recording, and maybe a meet up with Johnny Yong Bosch (if it's possible) Buck will be there as well!

If anyone reading this and are going and happen to have an awesome cosplay, please contact me via twitter or facebook to schedule a recording session. To my fans going, I'd love to include all of you in my videos =D.

As for video releases during the week of Otakon, same schedule will apply; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday releases which will be scheduled to release on the their respective days (meaning they will be already uploaded but released at a specific time).

Anyways, there's a lot to do as I prepare for the convention. I hope to see my friends and fans there!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trying out

I know a lot of the big guys use and I want to give it a shot. It actually might help me...somehow...Well maybe with revenue or what not. Anyways, If you want to check out my account, go for it at

You can watch the first video up right here!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Introducing the New Show!

If anyone watched my last vlog on YouTube, then you know exactly what's up. What started as a small joke became a reality. After people saw my vlog and Decade doing one of his personalities, people asked and guess what? WE ARE DELIEVERING A NEW SHOW ON MY CHANNEL!

Decade's character, Buck,  will give everyone a taste of his hilarious jokes, wrong toy reviews, southern accent, bad writing, cameras off center, completely improv in one take, and many sisters getting kidnap by possums.

No release schedule yet but Introduction to Buck's Toy Reviews will come out this Saturday on ZeronXepher's YouTube Channel. We have already recorded a few episodes. Hope to see what you all think!

Note: Followers of my Facebook page will have early access to videos, a sample video of Buck's Toy Review will be up in a few days.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Super Duper Update!

Sorry I haven't updated a lot. Biggest problem I have is making a blog and not using it! But I promise, more updates here!

So, we got about a week and a half of Super Sentai Month left and it's sad! I mean, don't be sad, it doesn't mean that I'll stop doing Sentai Reviews! I wanted to dedicate this month for Super Sentai for my friends and viewers. I want to show everyone that I do like Super Sentai and that I will do my best to watch more of the series; currently watching Shinkenger and loving it. I still have a few more Sentai toys to review but I will release them sporadically. The Sentai toy demos were not included in Sentai Month but like I said, I will have them out when I can.

After Sentai Month will be 2WK (Two Weeks of Kiva) which I know many people are excited for. Yes, I am one of few that actually liked Kiva; Shuki liked Kiva too! I have plenty of Kiva items to review but I couldn't get the toys I wanted to review let alone fit it in two weeks. I really don't want to do toooooo many special right next to each other. The toys I had in mind were the Kiva weapons but people are...over pricing them so I had to pass. The toys I have lined up for 2WK are:

-DX Kiva belt
-DX Sagarc Belt
-DX Arc and Rey Set
-That annoying piece of shit Tatsulot

Now for the candroid part. The Candroid Contest wasn't uber big as I thought I would have at least 20 entries. Turns out I got four and one of those was barely colored. Someone didn't read the rules carefully. Anyways, I will be making a video of it sometime next week and I will mail out the item to the winner. I may be giving the winner a Medal Set because you can get them for dirt cheap now. Why waste my money on one medal when it's the same price as a Medal Set? I hope everyone likes seeing the talented works of the Toku community, except Sharky, he was disqualified.

To sum this up, I really enjoy doing more Sentai reviews even if I'm a Sentai Noob =(. I have more plans for my channel such as more Gunpla reviews, Buck's Power Ranger Reviews (thanks to Decade), and Decade's SHF Reviews. Please look forward to these additions in about a month from now.

Last words, Really want to thank all our sponsors for Rajio Nihon;  Riders, Rangers and Rambles' awesome Radio Station.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sentai Month START!

I hope most of you guys are excited about my Super Sentai Month! Now, I've been getting a lot of sentai toy requests for awhile now and I've decided to do this to make people happy. I believe after doing this, would inspire me to watch more super sentai because most should know that I don't watch much of it (except awesome space pirates)

As of right now, I got enough to fill a good chunk of the month but I'm hoping to get more soon. If you watched the Super Sentai Month video I posted, then you know what toys I have in and what I'm planning on getting.

Here is a look of what I got and what I plan to get

Shodo Phone (already out)
Leon Cellular (will be out Wednesday June 8th)
Leon Laser     (will be out Friday June 10th)
Tensouder     (most likely to be out Monday June 13)
Grip Phone
Ranger Key Set 2
Ranger Key Set 3

-Toys from KickHopper-
Sushi Changer
Gong Changer

-Toys I plan to get-
Megablade (because shit is too legit)
Gokai Saber

I am taking requests but please understand that I am in a tight budget. Donate if you can.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Struggle

For the past few days, I've been struggling trying to pull all these videos together. Some may ask...Why? Why are you doing this? Well one, I really enjoy working on these videos and I really want to inform the toku community with reviews and what I think of the toys. I spend most of my days learning new things about editing my videos and spend many hours working on making the video enjoying to look at. But it's also stressful as I'm getting less sleep and been getting tired throughout the day, sometimes taking a lot of naps.

Before I went to Animazement 2011, I got my new camera (which also put a dent in my wallet) and the camera quality is super amazing (when lighting is good). I've been also struggling trying to produce great lighting in the video because if lighting is not there, the video wilt get insanely grainy. Though I got plenty of video editing and other software to fix some of it. All of this is kind of hard to do with my limited space and my super ghetto work space and cheap lights.

I don't even have time to game anymore since I find joy working hard (instead of walking around and doing nothing like I use to do). Me saying this is enjoying this sounds masochistic since it's a lot of work to do. But I will do whatever I can to make people happy and make myself happy (especially when I was one of those super depressed kids).

I hope to produce more awesome videos for everyone and I'm sure everything will be fine (at least with myself). But as for now, please look forward to my SENTAI MONTH reviews!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Medal Holder Signed by Jouji Nakata

Do you know who is the narrator of Kamen Rider OOO and does the voice of the Birth Driver? JOUJI NAKATA! I met him at Animazement 2011 where I presented to him my Medal Holder and yelled out "COUNT ZA MEDALS!" He was in utter shock of my collection and I asked him to sign it.

The recordings will be up on my Youtube page, STAY TUNED!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Origins of my name : ZeronXepher

I got a question on my Zeronos demo and a viewer was thinking that my name, Zeron, came from Zeronos. This isn't exactly true and so today I'll be talking about the origins of where Zeron Xepher came from.

When I was a lot younger, I was always fascinated with the letters "Z" and "X" because they are two letters in the alphabet that are rarely used or many words do not contain them. I came up with this thing called ZX3X which I did not have a meaning for it, I just made it up and sounded unique to me. This soon evolved to just ZX which was then used in several screen names of my such as zxghost.

It was around the time my third ex left me that I came up with the name Zeron Xepher (around the time of my senior year of high school). I wanted to make a name using the characters using "Z" and "X" but found it hard because not many words use those characters. The name "Zero" was very popular name but I did not want to use it because it was over used on the internet. I did base my name after Zero and added an "N" which gives birth to the name, Zeron (I pronounce the "ZE" like the Japanese character, which is why I say it differently than how people would normally say it.)

The Xepher part of my name came from a very popular song from Bemani or Beatmania IIDX titled "Xepher." I grew to love the word "Zephyr" and wanted the "Z" part of my name to be that but after I came up with "Zeron," I found Xepher to be a very suiting combo.

All of this took place before I got into tokusatsu and how my "Zeron" name sound similar to "Zeronos" is just coincidence. My fascination of two characters grew to what is now my online name. Also, the logo on the top left of my video and intro animation has three dashes. Those three dashes originated from ZX3X when I was a child. I thought adding it would bring uniqueness and special meaning to me.

Thank you for reading =D

Friday, May 6, 2011

Update Schedule May 6

Okay, so I just record five new videos and one of those are already up (PuToTyra demo). I'm gonna keep my original schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday releases.

DX Medagaburyu has the HIGHEST priority out of all my reviews and will be up whenever I finish recording it and editing it. It may be up without notice.

With DX Medagaburyu in the process of coming to my house, my releases will be as followed...

[Monday 5/9] - DX Taja Spinner Demo
[Wednesday 5/11] - DX Zeronos Demo / No Vlog
[Friday 5/13] - TaToBa + Kamakiri Demo
Below are unconfirmed
[Monday 5/16] - DX Zeronos Review (changed because I'll be out of town)
[Wednesday 5/18] - Blade Demo

There may not be a Vlog on 5/11 because I will be in South Carolina. I may make a Vlog or a bonus video but I am not sure. Please follow my Facebook Fan Page for current updates.

Yuri Lowell Cosplay Almost Done

My boots came in today and now I'm almost done with the costume. My waist strap is not on because I need help putting it on. My sword replica is coming in as well. I just need to make the blastia, gloves, and trim the wig and I'm set for Animazement 2011. See you guys there.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Candroid Contest Revision I goofed and did not take into consideration that not everyone has a candroid. I automatically assumed that everyone has the same addiction as I do which is the Candroid Drug Addction. So because of this, I will have to change the rules a bit to allow those who do not have candroids and give them a chance to enter.

There are many options and I will take creativity as an option.
My original plan of mashing up candroid to make a candroid but a minimum of three.

Draw a candroid that does not exist in the world of Kamen Rider OOO. For example, Bunny Candroid. Please include what the animal looks like in Can Mode as well as Animal Mode. Please color your work and include your user name. YOU CAN DRAW IT VIA SKETCH AND PHOTOSHOP. Just please do not get help from other. I want this to be your creation.

Create your own candroid by other means such as paper or crafts. When taking a picture, please include your name or user name on a piece of paper.
1: Only one entry per person (don't cheat, fresh Youtube users made during the contest is fishy)
2. Please include your name in photo or artwork. DO NOT PHOTOSHOP IT!
3. Please take your time, you got a whole month.
4. There is no rule 4
5. Do not use animals already used in the show.
6 Do not use similar concepts as the candroids that already exist
7. Please have fun.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Candroid Contest!

I thought of something silly but I thought it would be fun for everyone.

What I'm planning is a candroid contest to create the best GoCandroid-Ou (or megazord) using three or more candroids. It can be any combination of candroids but it has to be three or more. The idea is to stack and make the best looking candroid that would be suitable in battle. No glue or outside source necessary, just use candroids. Just stack and hope they won't fall down. For example, look at my previous blog post.

What will you win? I'm giving away a free Momotaros Imagin Medal from the latest gashapon medal series. Yes you heard me, a free medal. Now, I'll be talking more about this in my next vlog (which will be on May 4). I'll give more information on how to turn in and when the deadline is. I wish the best of luck to everyone willing to enter.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ridevendor Sentai GoCandroids Part 2

Does anyone remember tthe post I made about the crazy CDA candroid thing? Well I made a new megazord called the GoCandroid-ou.
It uses unagi, kujaku, ptera, gorilla, and batta.
Yes I have a crazy candroid addiction. I know you do too. Can you make a more epic GoCandroid-ou?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Schedule Change and Weekly Specials

I'm sorry about the last two post I did that broke my schedule format. School is almost out and I have three test before freedom. My first test is today (friday) and I got one on May 2nd and May 4th. Please note that it may take awhile to upload my videos as I will not have my school's internet speed to upload my 2gb-4gb videos.

I may change up my schedule up but as of right now, I'm gonna keep it in a well organized format like my Monday, Wednesday, Friday releases. New schedule will be TBA! When I start rolling in the special weekly reviews, I will announce them and make a video on a Sunday before the weekly reviews start.

If that sounds confusing then here is what I'm trying to say. I'm trying to throw a theme week reviews such as KIVA WEEK! Where I will review Kiva toys Monday-Friday for the special. Now you guys know why I listed those weekly release in the last blog post. Please note that this may take awhile.

Anyways, If things are looking good, my upcoming releases will be.
-No dates confirmed but will go by order as best as possible-
O-Medal Holder
O-Medal Set 04 PuToTyra Demo
DX Taja Spinner Demo
DX Zeronos Review
DX Zeronos Demo w/ Zero card (thanks to kickhopper)
*Kiva Week

*If things are doing fine, I'll try to push the weekly specials

By the way, if you have not watched my DX Tissue and PuToTyra videos

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

List of Possible Reviews

Since I'm on a budget, I can still produce videos from my older toys. This way, I can throw videos on YouTube still without using money to buy newer items. I'll be listing the possible reviews that I can do till I get a stable job and pay.

Remember, if anyone wants to help me, there is a donate button on this blog.
DX Zeronos Review/Demo
DX Accel Redo Review
Trial Memeory Review
DX Kabuto Belt Redo Review
DX Gatack Belt Review
DX Blade Buckle Review/Demo
DX Kiva Belt Review/Demo
That annoying Tatsulot thing Review/Demo
Mobirates Demo
Gokai Gun Demo
Kabutick Zecter Review
DX Birth Buster Demo
Taja Spinner Demo
Triple Change Henshin Belt Demo
DX Agito Belt Review/Demo

There are also possible Review weeks where for one week, I focus on a theme such as SHF week.
-Sentai Week (reviewing sentai products for a chanage)
-Kiva Week (Kiva belts and weapons)
-Redo Week (redoing old videos I have on my old youtube "zxghost")
-Kabuto week (Doing the redos of Kabuto, doing Gatack and Kabutick)
-CDA Week (I need to get the rest of the Candroids)
-Double/W Week
-SHF Week (too poor for this but may ask friends for SHF's)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Facebook Fan Page!

My Facebook Fan Page is now up. I'll be updating there as well as my other sites such as this blog and my twitter. I know I have too many sites up but I find that almost everyone in the world uses Facebook so it would be handy for those who are always on to see my updates rolling through their feeds.

All you gotta do is like my Facebook page and just leave a comment (you know I'll respond to all my comments when I get the chance) If you got any questions you would like to ask personally. Feel free! And again, I appreciate all the support!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Today is my lucky day! My application of YouTube Partner was accepted and now I can get paid off my videos as well as other benefits. I was really looking forward to custom branding in my account as well as custom thumbnails for each of my videos. 

After a few months of struggling to push more views and subscribers, I feel like after today, I did my job and feel accomplished. Looking back at my videos on my older account (zxghost) and looking at my new videos on ZeronXepher, I find a sense of growth and development. I added more original style, logos, and animations. 

I want to thank all my friends, viewers, subscribers, and we can't forget GLaDOS, for all the support. I really thank all of you for helping me achieve this. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for everyone. Like always, I promise to deliver awesome videos for everyone in the tokusatsu community. Please look forward to my upcoming videos. 


Okay, I know that Japan has a problem with their "L" and "R." I know this because I took Japanese for 2.5 years in high school and I can still read and write. Hell, my Japanese teacher said in class during election time, "DID YOU GUYS SEE PRESIDENT BUSH'S ERECTION?!" Yes she did say ERECTION. HIS MOTHER FLIPPING ERECTION. 

Now for this Tajadol and Tajadoru or Tajador thingy. Seriously, I'm getting to the point where I don't care anymore. People are correcting me left and right and most of them don't know Japanese. Yes, condol sounds stupid and yes Tajadol sounds silly but really...WHY ARE WE FIGHTING OVER ROMANJI? Majority of those out there can't read this but [タジャドル] spells out TA JA(or JYA) DO RU. YES I FREAKING KNOW THAT. Now the OFFICIAL SPELLING IS TAJADOL UGGGH QUE LE FUCK! (That's totally not what the fuck in bad spanish)

Bottom line...I don't care anymore. For now on, I am gonna call it TAJAIDONTGIVEAFUCK =D


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pictures of my Border Store Closing

It's very sad that my store had to go...
Here are some pictures I took on my phone on the last day of work. Just seeing everything go from the books to the fixtures just makes me so depressed. Even with that, the customers were all douchebags.

Oh did I mention that the CEO of Border walked off with a few million dollars where that money can be used to pay many people that got laid off.

Monday, April 18, 2011

As I Promised: DX Orga Demo is Out!

Man, I've been so busy this month that I'm starting to feel a bit stressed out. Yesterday (April 17, 2011), was my last day of work and we removed stickers, scanned books, mark the UPC's, and packed over 9000 books to donate to library. Our hands were so roughed up and it took us over two hours to complete before we (my Borders' Team) went out to dinner. I will post pictures of my cleared out store later.

I got home very late and I had to record Orga demo as fast as I could and edit it right after. Lack of sleep is not a good thing to do kids but I seem to run fine on 5-6 hours of sleep.

Also. there are a few things I updated in my YouTube video's format: All comments and text in my videos will now be centered as well as the credit. There will also be a click-able videos in the credits (after RRR video) for direct viewing of previous reviews.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Update: April 17, 2011

Just a little update for those following me...(don't be a stalker >.> ). Anyways, I've mentioned before that I will be busy this whole month especially with the amount of school work I have. Let's say that I have like four things due for my Sociology of the Family class on the 20th (and I haven't even started yet). I have a presentation for Political Science on the same day but I need to compose a Power Point so I will be well organized. And finally, I need to go to one more music concert for Music Appreciation All my final exams will be during the last week of this month and first week of next month.

Today is my last last day working at Borders so I won't have time to record until I get back home which will be very late. My plan is to record at least two videos and do more recording maybe Tuesday and Thursday. Like always, vlogs will be recorded every Tuesday for Wednesday's release. I just need to record to stay on top because I feel like I'm getting lazy. I don't think I will get Gokai Gun Demo out because I wanted to do some special effects for it (which will take some time)

As of right now, I cannot give a confirmed dates for any releases except for DX Orga belt for Monday and the Vlog for Wednesday. I won't have any new unboxings except for the Ganbaride card binder so I will have to stick to demos for awhile since I'm running low on cash (I'm actually in the negatives right now in terms of money/debt).

Also note that I will be gone this Saturday, April 23, as I will be going to Hoshicon. I may record a video or so and I might post it up when I get the chance.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Double Deluxe? It can't be!

I went to Target with KickHopper and BlackCatGoddess one day and we stumbled across these wonderful deluxe items. I'm debating to get that Deluxe Scrabble so we can all play it and use Toku words and legit but it's almost 40 bucks! FUCK THAT! I'm poor. BlackCatGoddess found the two Sims game and the Sims 2 one is not just deluxe but DOUBLE DELUXE...HOW THE FUCK! SHITZ MORE DELUXE THAN DELUXE!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

YAY! Youtube Partnership!

It has been a crazy two months since Youtube has denied me of partnership. Within these two months, I have created new content such as my animation openings, lower thirds, and vlogs. To believe that I made a new account on December 2010 and started to pick up a lot of popularity makes me very happy. It makes me happier to hear that my viewers do enjoy watching my content by hearing what they say in the comments as well as active participation in the shout out corner in my vlog. I will continue to produce and create awesome videos for all my viewers and guarantee delicious cake to everyone.

I have not resubmitted my partnership application to Youtube just yet. With the two months Youtube gave me to find a way to increase my viewer-ship, I feel like that does not reflect that of my subscriber number. Youtube says that they do not look at subscriber as a base for partnership as they look at viewership. I fear that Youtube will deny me again because of low subscriber number even though I do have good viewership. So far, I’m about 100,000 total video views, 30,000 channel views, and 255 subscribers. The views to me seem very good but I feel my subscriber is lacking. There isn’t much I can do there but to wait and to make more content.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DX Hunting at Target

So I went to Target with EireannLily to do some DX hunting and I stumbled across a few DX items. If I had the money, I would so buy these because...SHIT SON, IT'S LEGIT!

Monday, April 11, 2011

DX Song Parody by Gideon Awesome

This put a smile on my face. Some people think the whole DX thing is either stupid or done but in reality...SHITZ LEGIT SON! The big rule about using the whole DX thing is to not kill it. Anyways, my good friend Gideon made this awesome Youtube video. Please check it out as this shit is so legit. It's DX!

Just remember to subscribe to Gideon and check out his BUROGU!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

DX Doodle Dice Found!

I went to Barnes and Nobles with the gang and we stumbled across THIS BAD ASS DX BOARD GAME THING. You know this shit's legit because it comes with DX dice and stuff. Go get one NOW!!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Review Release Schedule for April

Okay so, in my last Vlog, I mentioned that I was going to release a schedule for my releases. Well today is YOUR LUCKY DAY! This schedule is tentative and is subject to change at any time. Also take note that I will accept requests for videos but also remember that I'm not very interested in SHF line. I was debating on getting SHF Kamen Rider OOO and do my first review on something different, but please don't beg me unless I get positive feedback on that review. I'll leave SHF reviews for Dosmrider and Vangelus.

My release schedules will remain the same:
Monday's and Friday's are reviews and demo days
Wednesdays are Vlog days!

[April   8] That's today silly! Denki Unagi Candroid (Video is here)
[April 11] Gorilla Candroid
[April 13] IT'S WEDNESDAY!? WHAT ELSE? Vlog Day
[April 15] Kujaku Candroid CELEBRATE CDA DAY!
-Above are confirmed releases-
-Below are subject to change-
[April 18] DX Orga demo ALL HAIL ORGA BITCHES!
[April 22] Gokai Gun Demo with awesome effects! *strobe lights*
[April 25] ???
[April 27] ???
[April 29] ???

Please note that I will be going to Hoshicon on the 23 and I will not be able to video edit until I come back.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I hate you Mail Man.

So today, my super amazing Ganbaride Official Binder Vol.8 with Medal Holders of awesome came in but I had one major problem. I was like hitting an epiphany while studying for my Poly Sci test tomorrow and I heard the mail truck arriving. That dude didn't even bother ringing the door bell when I was staring at him from the second story but I'm glad he didn't put that SHITTY ASS PINK SLIP on my door for me to pick it up tomorrow at the post office...I love SAL shipping sometimes...but shitz so slow to get here.

I mean seriously, I just have this bad case of not getting my packages or so. No one is home when they deliver my EMS package and they make me drive X miles down to pick it up...then I have to deal with that bull shit lady at the post office as I mentioned before in a previous post.

Let's say it's getting very hot here in North Carolina and my packages get hot in direct sunlight. So... I opened my package and QUE LE FUCK! IT SMELLS LIKE BURNING PLASTIC but shit was fine though. I'm glad it was safe but still...I hate you USPS. Suck on my Long Sasword Zecter.

My First RRR Post!

Holy smokes Kamen Rider Ichigo! I did my first post on Riders, Rangers and Rambles! I know I'm getting all excited for something so small but shit son, this is a big deal to me. Shit is in the DX category so my post is fucking legit now! It actually took me awhile to smash a few words together to form a paragraph of my super duper amazing Gokai Gun but I also didn't want to make any errors. A lot of thanks to EireannLily for proof reading my tiny ass paragraph because I was freaking out all over the place. Once you become rated DX, shit son, YUO CNA'T MESS UP!

So if you want to check out my post on RRR just go to this link right down here!

BTW, I still hate you Shuki...favorite candroid my ass...UGGGGH

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gamestop, you are not DX

I'm sorry, I actually don't shop at GameFail anymore because they have horrible practices. I refuse to buy your gutted games and you selling me it as NEW. Fuck that shit. I've been boycotting Gamestop since forever but man, THEY SURE HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY "THAT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE LEGIT. Shit is not legit unless you say IT'S DELUXE. IT IS NOT THE SHIT IN THE SHOW SO STOP IT!

I hate you Gamestop, you guys are the spawn of the devil. Shitty ass service can't offer me my Battle Toads.



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hunting them DX items

I was at the register at work and I stumble across this masterpiece of DX-ness. You know when items are legit when they have Deluxe on it. Let's go play some Simpsons deluxe boardgame together!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Today, during the TV-Nihon Podcast, we had a totally CDA(candroid Drug Addiction) moment where the candroids turn into super sentai. The roll call?


This was created by Kougami Foundation to help Kamen Rider OOO fight the nasty GREEEDS!


I promise you guys that we were not high...well high off candroids but thats another thing.


Gokai Pew Pew Pew

I was tired the other night...and I wanted to release DX Orga Driver the other night but I didn't record that ahead of time. It's so much easier to video edit a video that I've already recorded instead of trying to record a new one when I was very tired. Had to deal with stupid customers yesterday and I was very tired dealing with their bullshittery ( is that even a word?). WHEN DO YOU CLOSE? WHEN IS THE NEXT DISCOUNT? WHEN WILL YOU SHUT THE HELL UP? You guys do not want to be part of a liquidation PERIOD. It sucks...

Well anyways, here is the Gokai awesome pew pew gun of awesomeness. Recorded in super duper 1080p and super amazing sounds as well as the super duper cool RRR animations in the ending of the video thank to my fellow guys in RRR. Just remember kids, this shit isnt DX!

WE DELIVER CRAZY TOKU NEWS IN THE CRAZIEST WAY POSSIBLE...I swear, I'm not high....High off candroid drugs.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Super Duper Candroid Drugs!

These Candroids are so cute! They transform and they are so addicting. I feel the ADD kicking in when spinning kujaku's feather thingy or spinning the gorilla arms and having it fall off the table! This is what I This is also what I call a bad case of ADD from Candroid Drug Addiction. I went to the hospital today because of this new psychological disorder called CDA (Candroid Drug Addiction) and the side effects are brutal.

Side effect include, spending a lot of money and becoming poor, losing track of time due to sheer playful fun time, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, intense hunger, and many more.

I was very bored after recording today and I gave all of them names! Kujaku is Birdy, Gorilla is named Tarzan, and Unagi is OMFG I WANT TO EAT YOU NOW! (I love eating eels.)

I'm gonna blame Shuki because of this...because he forced me to get these and now I'm suffering of the very bad side effects these things contain. Shit is addicting to play with but I'm losing my love life because of it. EireannLily is not impressed.

Got Candroids and a Gokai Gun? HAI DESU!

Whoo! My package from Mandarake came in the other day but you know what? They deliver my package when no one is home and so I have to waste gas to pick them up at the post office (gas is almost hitting $4.00 a gallon and almost cost $60 bucks to fill up my rice mobile).

So I got my package and I noticed a big whole (as you can see to the left). Looks like someone

has punched a hole into it. I swear, that post office lady needs to get her foot out of her as

s. Every time I come to pick up my packages, she gets a fit and gets all hissy. I mean she seems nice to other people but when I come up, she completely rage quits and chucks my shit across the floor. But gladly, I didn't have to deal with her today.

Anyways, so in my package, I got three super duper candroids (I hate you Shuki and your candroid drug addiction) and a super amazing Gokai Gun! Pew Pew Pew! I'm gonna start recording them today and be ahead of my schedule to give myself some more free time for the next few weeks. Right now, I can't confirm when I'll have them out but they will be out either next week or the week after since I had a few items on priority which was listed in my last Vlog on the Tubes. [Vlog] New Phone, Free poster, and Shuki's Philosophy.

Officially Part of RRR

Many people in the tokusatsu community knows of Riders, Rangers and Rambles. This group contains three of the most well known people in our community: ShukuenShinobi, DosmRider, and Jedimon2005. With them combined, they created this awesome network of awesome (though a lot of thanks also goes to Ryokuya who made the site). As part of CStoys blog, I'm glad to say that I'm now part of Riders, Rangers, and Rambles.

I was completely shocked that I got an email saying that I'm now part of RRR and that I can start posting right away. Also, I get that cool video animation of RRR that I can put in my videos to say that I'm now DX level (I'm worthy to be DX!). I do get to keep my animations and continue building on those since they are still work-in-progress.

So this is a new start and I'm freaking happy! Four months of crazy video editing and making a new YouTube account dedicated to Tokusatsu and it pays off! I'll continue to make awesome videos and I hope me being part of RRR will build on our community. I also hope that I have a fun time working with my new team and I hope they will enjoy working with me as well.

I thank Ryokuya and Shuki for everything, for being great online friends and giving me this chance to be crazy like they are.

This is ZeronXepher now part of RRR, signing out.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Totally forgot to do this for my first post.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Failed Upload

So my school normally has a fast internet connection. With the previous picture I took from Main Campus' T2 like landline speed...I seem to not get that at North Campus even with landline. For those who don't know. I use my school's internet speed to upload my crazy big ass videos to Youtube. My videos are 600MB to 4GB depending on length. Please remember that these are 1080p quality videos though I hope people do enjoy the quality of my videos as I try my best to provide some awesome videos.

Normally it would take two blinks via landline to upload my videos but with the lower speeds of Wi-fi, it would take about twenty minutes to upload most of my videos. I have never seen upload so slow even at school's speed. I had a few failed uploads or them saying it would take 500 minutes to complete. Maybe today isn't the day to upload videos =(.

Here is what Main Campus' speed was before

Here is what North Campus looks like right now:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fresh Start

I completed a simple banner and background to start using this blog! Going to update a few more information and I'll start posting very soon!