Monday, March 28, 2011

Failed Upload

So my school normally has a fast internet connection. With the previous picture I took from Main Campus' T2 like landline speed...I seem to not get that at North Campus even with landline. For those who don't know. I use my school's internet speed to upload my crazy big ass videos to Youtube. My videos are 600MB to 4GB depending on length. Please remember that these are 1080p quality videos though I hope people do enjoy the quality of my videos as I try my best to provide some awesome videos.

Normally it would take two blinks via landline to upload my videos but with the lower speeds of Wi-fi, it would take about twenty minutes to upload most of my videos. I have never seen upload so slow even at school's speed. I had a few failed uploads or them saying it would take 500 minutes to complete. Maybe today isn't the day to upload videos =(.

Here is what Main Campus' speed was before

Here is what North Campus looks like right now:


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