Thursday, March 31, 2011

Got Candroids and a Gokai Gun? HAI DESU!

Whoo! My package from Mandarake came in the other day but you know what? They deliver my package when no one is home and so I have to waste gas to pick them up at the post office (gas is almost hitting $4.00 a gallon and almost cost $60 bucks to fill up my rice mobile).

So I got my package and I noticed a big whole (as you can see to the left). Looks like someone

has punched a hole into it. I swear, that post office lady needs to get her foot out of her as

s. Every time I come to pick up my packages, she gets a fit and gets all hissy. I mean she seems nice to other people but when I come up, she completely rage quits and chucks my shit across the floor. But gladly, I didn't have to deal with her today.

Anyways, so in my package, I got three super duper candroids (I hate you Shuki and your candroid drug addiction) and a super amazing Gokai Gun! Pew Pew Pew! I'm gonna start recording them today and be ahead of my schedule to give myself some more free time for the next few weeks. Right now, I can't confirm when I'll have them out but they will be out either next week or the week after since I had a few items on priority which was listed in my last Vlog on the Tubes. [Vlog] New Phone, Free poster, and Shuki's Philosophy.


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