Thursday, March 31, 2011

Super Duper Candroid Drugs!

These Candroids are so cute! They transform and they are so addicting. I feel the ADD kicking in when spinning kujaku's feather thingy or spinning the gorilla arms and having it fall off the table! This is what I This is also what I call a bad case of ADD from Candroid Drug Addiction. I went to the hospital today because of this new psychological disorder called CDA (Candroid Drug Addiction) and the side effects are brutal.

Side effect include, spending a lot of money and becoming poor, losing track of time due to sheer playful fun time, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, intense hunger, and many more.

I was very bored after recording today and I gave all of them names! Kujaku is Birdy, Gorilla is named Tarzan, and Unagi is OMFG I WANT TO EAT YOU NOW! (I love eating eels.)

I'm gonna blame Shuki because of this...because he forced me to get these and now I'm suffering of the very bad side effects these things contain. Shit is addicting to play with but I'm losing my love life because of it. EireannLily is not impressed.


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