Monday, May 28, 2012

Back from Animazement 2012!

I am back from Animazement 2012 and wow, it was a lot of fun! A lot of crazy fun but also a lot of drama and complications such as difficulties filming. I will go through some more detail in a vlog. 

     As we all know, Animazement is my local convention here in Raleigh , North Carolina. There's lots of good locations for pictures, a great gathering of Anime fans but surprisingly, there were more Tokusatsu fans! Nothing makes me happier at a convention to see more fans of Tokusatsu. There were many great costumes, great events, awesome stuff in the dealers room and art work in Artist Alley. 

Copyright: ZeronXepher. Picture with Sapph Knight

     I wanted to spend my time recording videos but unfortunately, there was a video restriction at the convention even with those with a Press Pass. I did however manage to record an episode of Buck's Adventure at a Convention. Instead of recording, my friends wanted me to do a photoshoot with them. Even though I am not the best photographer out there, my friends had faith in me. Plus, the more pictures I take, the better I get. Check out some of the samples below and all over!

Ezio Leap of Faith
Copyright: ZeronXepher. Picture with Ria
     With the increase of the Toku Fandom going all over, my friends and I spotted more and more Kamen Rider and Super Sentai Toys. It seems like we bugged all the dealers in the past and asked if they had any toku toys. I guess they all listened and brought more of them. I bought some of these toys as you can see in the first picture. The DX Narikiri Rocket Module was given by my friend Decade. I will be using this for future parody videos. SIC ZX was a must and my girlfriend wanted me to get it. The MG Sandrock Ver KA was something I was grudging over since I have the resin kit of him and never finished it. The resin kit took me over 4 years to obtain...and they came out with a Master Grade version...The last figure I got was SkyRider for obvious reason of...I AM AMAZON!

    One of the biggest highlights for me is that I met plenty of my fans at this convention. Though people got confused that I was two other Anime Convention "celebrities" like Cosplay in America, it was great to see that people recognized me from my Animazement videos from last year or from my toy reviews. I hope to see more of my fans at future convention. 

    Over all, I had a wonderful experience at the convention. My friends ran the two toku panels and we did a bunch of giveaways including a bunch of GoBusters toys and an SHF Elek States Fourze. Make sure you all come next year as we may give away more awesome toys. 

   As for updates on my channel, I will be doing my best to work on more toy reviews. I understand I keep saying that but honestly, I've been busy with work and trying to relax. Life is hard and I'm doing my best to work things out in my life. Please understand. 

   Anyways, Thanks for reading and Stay DX!


Friday, May 11, 2012

New lens and...STARSCREAM~~~!

It has been yet…another long ass time since I made an update on my so called…BLOG! Just here to give an update of what’s going on in the land of the DX King.

I just finished my classes not too long ago and passed with two “B’s” and one “A.” Not too bad, I might say. Now I have a bit more time to myself to film more reviews (which I have said in like five vlogs ago). Most of you have seen my progress on my Ghetto Station 3.0, now dubbed the DX Station. I’ve had some complaints about it being ZOMG TOO FUCKING BRIGHT! OH NO, WHAT DO!? However, I have not actually filmed a review with it yet. I got some nice results with product photography with my new setup though (picture below).

 For the majority of my break, I’ve been contemplating on doing better Anime convention coverage videos. It’s something I wanted to do for awhile but lack inspiration or lacked the motivation to do so. One commenter on my YouTube channel told me he/she wanted to go to Animazement and look forward to seeing more of my videos in the future. That really gave me a lift to film better videos. So I got myself a new lens for my DSLR and working on getting a rig. I will supply updates on my rig once I get it. For now, just hope I keep my word and make some awesome videos.

Now for the haul. I’ve already mentioned that I got a new lens. I don’t want to leave all the info here because well…I don’t know who is all into DSLR and photography. Just look at the picture above and see the specs of the lens itself. All my reviews and videos will be filmed with this lens. The second thing I got is Transformer Prime Voyager Class Starscream. I’ll just say it here for those who don’t know. I’m not a big Transformer guy like my good ol friend, Vangelus, but I sure get fucking hard over Starscream and Soundwave. Don’t expect any reviews on these as this isn’t my area of expertise…unless you want me to butcher it like *insert reviewer name here*.

I hope you all at least enjoyed my last two videos, which are two series you are all familiar with, the “Fastest Review EVER” series and “Am I doing this right?” series. The new series is still being worked on, please be patient with it. If you haven’t watched them yet…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!? By the way, the Zordon video makes fun of a lot of things, try to spot them out if you can.

Thanks for reading my fellow DXlings. Stay DX and continue living the DX lifestyle.