Monday, March 26, 2012

What is a blog! A miserable little...lolwut?

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Zeron with his DSLR Rig
Howell's Vision Photography

Okay, I feel like a total butt because I have this blog and I planned like a thousand times that I will use it but never did. I guess I have a reason to update my blog more often since I bought a domain name and belongs to me (to prevent a person from squatting on my name). I've been doing some tune ups from a blog template to get myself working with HTML again...but I'm probably better off asking afriend to fix things up for me. I just need to make a banner and do some tweaks...Oh well though, we will see.

As of right now, I am taking a short break from reviewing and videos to pull myself together. It's been very stressful lately with my school work but I'm staying strong. Probably the greatest news for this month is my new job at Barnes and Noble; Zeron finally gets an income to buy new equipment and Toku toys. So I can finally get away without saying..."Sorry, lacking funds to buy that toy but I will get it in the future," after I pay off my debt, I'll be in good hands.

I have planned a few things during my break and I still have to work things out. I mentioned before in a Vlog that was planning a new show...that may take a bit of time. There will be a new introduction video for this but it is not meant to change the original introduction video that I have for my reviews. Not much more I can say about this but please look forward to it.

In terms of new structuring, I've been trying to format my videos in a different way and trying to partner up with other people to help each other up. My friend @SerenadedAbyss has been working on some tracks for Rajio Nihon and one for myself. I just need something for my Vlogs as background music, I know it gets very bland without a track playing. Another friend of mine, who is a DJ, recommended a friend that remixes music and may be interested in partnering up with me. I'll have to check out his tracks whenever I talk to this person, maybe we will also have some awesome tracks.

So that's pretty much it, just harass me on my Facebook and Twitter to get me to update my blog. I need to make it a habit of updating it...with all these microblogs, picture sites, and even Twitter...It's kind of hard. Plus...who would read a wall of text?

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