Friday, June 24, 2011

Introducing the New Show!

If anyone watched my last vlog on YouTube, then you know exactly what's up. What started as a small joke became a reality. After people saw my vlog and Decade doing one of his personalities, people asked and guess what? WE ARE DELIEVERING A NEW SHOW ON MY CHANNEL!

Decade's character, Buck,  will give everyone a taste of his hilarious jokes, wrong toy reviews, southern accent, bad writing, cameras off center, completely improv in one take, and many sisters getting kidnap by possums.

No release schedule yet but Introduction to Buck's Toy Reviews will come out this Saturday on ZeronXepher's YouTube Channel. We have already recorded a few episodes. Hope to see what you all think!

Note: Followers of my Facebook page will have early access to videos, a sample video of Buck's Toy Review will be up in a few days.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Super Duper Update!

Sorry I haven't updated a lot. Biggest problem I have is making a blog and not using it! But I promise, more updates here!

So, we got about a week and a half of Super Sentai Month left and it's sad! I mean, don't be sad, it doesn't mean that I'll stop doing Sentai Reviews! I wanted to dedicate this month for Super Sentai for my friends and viewers. I want to show everyone that I do like Super Sentai and that I will do my best to watch more of the series; currently watching Shinkenger and loving it. I still have a few more Sentai toys to review but I will release them sporadically. The Sentai toy demos were not included in Sentai Month but like I said, I will have them out when I can.

After Sentai Month will be 2WK (Two Weeks of Kiva) which I know many people are excited for. Yes, I am one of few that actually liked Kiva; Shuki liked Kiva too! I have plenty of Kiva items to review but I couldn't get the toys I wanted to review let alone fit it in two weeks. I really don't want to do toooooo many special right next to each other. The toys I had in mind were the Kiva weapons but people are...over pricing them so I had to pass. The toys I have lined up for 2WK are:

-DX Kiva belt
-DX Sagarc Belt
-DX Arc and Rey Set
-That annoying piece of shit Tatsulot

Now for the candroid part. The Candroid Contest wasn't uber big as I thought I would have at least 20 entries. Turns out I got four and one of those was barely colored. Someone didn't read the rules carefully. Anyways, I will be making a video of it sometime next week and I will mail out the item to the winner. I may be giving the winner a Medal Set because you can get them for dirt cheap now. Why waste my money on one medal when it's the same price as a Medal Set? I hope everyone likes seeing the talented works of the Toku community, except Sharky, he was disqualified.

To sum this up, I really enjoy doing more Sentai reviews even if I'm a Sentai Noob =(. I have more plans for my channel such as more Gunpla reviews, Buck's Power Ranger Reviews (thanks to Decade), and Decade's SHF Reviews. Please look forward to these additions in about a month from now.

Last words, Really want to thank all our sponsors for Rajio Nihon;  Riders, Rangers and Rambles' awesome Radio Station.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sentai Month START!

I hope most of you guys are excited about my Super Sentai Month! Now, I've been getting a lot of sentai toy requests for awhile now and I've decided to do this to make people happy. I believe after doing this, would inspire me to watch more super sentai because most should know that I don't watch much of it (except awesome space pirates)

As of right now, I got enough to fill a good chunk of the month but I'm hoping to get more soon. If you watched the Super Sentai Month video I posted, then you know what toys I have in and what I'm planning on getting.

Here is a look of what I got and what I plan to get

Shodo Phone (already out)
Leon Cellular (will be out Wednesday June 8th)
Leon Laser     (will be out Friday June 10th)
Tensouder     (most likely to be out Monday June 13)
Grip Phone
Ranger Key Set 2
Ranger Key Set 3

-Toys from KickHopper-
Sushi Changer
Gong Changer

-Toys I plan to get-
Megablade (because shit is too legit)
Gokai Saber

I am taking requests but please understand that I am in a tight budget. Donate if you can.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Struggle

For the past few days, I've been struggling trying to pull all these videos together. Some may ask...Why? Why are you doing this? Well one, I really enjoy working on these videos and I really want to inform the toku community with reviews and what I think of the toys. I spend most of my days learning new things about editing my videos and spend many hours working on making the video enjoying to look at. But it's also stressful as I'm getting less sleep and been getting tired throughout the day, sometimes taking a lot of naps.

Before I went to Animazement 2011, I got my new camera (which also put a dent in my wallet) and the camera quality is super amazing (when lighting is good). I've been also struggling trying to produce great lighting in the video because if lighting is not there, the video wilt get insanely grainy. Though I got plenty of video editing and other software to fix some of it. All of this is kind of hard to do with my limited space and my super ghetto work space and cheap lights.

I don't even have time to game anymore since I find joy working hard (instead of walking around and doing nothing like I use to do). Me saying this is enjoying this sounds masochistic since it's a lot of work to do. But I will do whatever I can to make people happy and make myself happy (especially when I was one of those super depressed kids).

I hope to produce more awesome videos for everyone and I'm sure everything will be fine (at least with myself). But as for now, please look forward to my SENTAI MONTH reviews!