Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Struggle

For the past few days, I've been struggling trying to pull all these videos together. Some may ask...Why? Why are you doing this? Well one, I really enjoy working on these videos and I really want to inform the toku community with reviews and what I think of the toys. I spend most of my days learning new things about editing my videos and spend many hours working on making the video enjoying to look at. But it's also stressful as I'm getting less sleep and been getting tired throughout the day, sometimes taking a lot of naps.

Before I went to Animazement 2011, I got my new camera (which also put a dent in my wallet) and the camera quality is super amazing (when lighting is good). I've been also struggling trying to produce great lighting in the video because if lighting is not there, the video wilt get insanely grainy. Though I got plenty of video editing and other software to fix some of it. All of this is kind of hard to do with my limited space and my super ghetto work space and cheap lights.

I don't even have time to game anymore since I find joy working hard (instead of walking around and doing nothing like I use to do). Me saying this is enjoying this sounds masochistic since it's a lot of work to do. But I will do whatever I can to make people happy and make myself happy (especially when I was one of those super depressed kids).

I hope to produce more awesome videos for everyone and I'm sure everything will be fine (at least with myself). But as for now, please look forward to my SENTAI MONTH reviews!