Friday, June 24, 2011

Introducing the New Show!

If anyone watched my last vlog on YouTube, then you know exactly what's up. What started as a small joke became a reality. After people saw my vlog and Decade doing one of his personalities, people asked and guess what? WE ARE DELIEVERING A NEW SHOW ON MY CHANNEL!

Decade's character, Buck,  will give everyone a taste of his hilarious jokes, wrong toy reviews, southern accent, bad writing, cameras off center, completely improv in one take, and many sisters getting kidnap by possums.

No release schedule yet but Introduction to Buck's Toy Reviews will come out this Saturday on ZeronXepher's YouTube Channel. We have already recorded a few episodes. Hope to see what you all think!

Note: Followers of my Facebook page will have early access to videos, a sample video of Buck's Toy Review will be up in a few days.


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