Monday, June 6, 2011

Sentai Month START!

I hope most of you guys are excited about my Super Sentai Month! Now, I've been getting a lot of sentai toy requests for awhile now and I've decided to do this to make people happy. I believe after doing this, would inspire me to watch more super sentai because most should know that I don't watch much of it (except awesome space pirates)

As of right now, I got enough to fill a good chunk of the month but I'm hoping to get more soon. If you watched the Super Sentai Month video I posted, then you know what toys I have in and what I'm planning on getting.

Here is a look of what I got and what I plan to get

Shodo Phone (already out)
Leon Cellular (will be out Wednesday June 8th)
Leon Laser     (will be out Friday June 10th)
Tensouder     (most likely to be out Monday June 13)
Grip Phone
Ranger Key Set 2
Ranger Key Set 3

-Toys from KickHopper-
Sushi Changer
Gong Changer

-Toys I plan to get-
Megablade (because shit is too legit)
Gokai Saber

I am taking requests but please understand that I am in a tight budget. Donate if you can.


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