Sunday, May 29, 2011

Medal Holder Signed by Jouji Nakata

Do you know who is the narrator of Kamen Rider OOO and does the voice of the Birth Driver? JOUJI NAKATA! I met him at Animazement 2011 where I presented to him my Medal Holder and yelled out "COUNT ZA MEDALS!" He was in utter shock of my collection and I asked him to sign it.

The recordings will be up on my Youtube page, STAY TUNED!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Origins of my name : ZeronXepher

I got a question on my Zeronos demo and a viewer was thinking that my name, Zeron, came from Zeronos. This isn't exactly true and so today I'll be talking about the origins of where Zeron Xepher came from.

When I was a lot younger, I was always fascinated with the letters "Z" and "X" because they are two letters in the alphabet that are rarely used or many words do not contain them. I came up with this thing called ZX3X which I did not have a meaning for it, I just made it up and sounded unique to me. This soon evolved to just ZX which was then used in several screen names of my such as zxghost.

It was around the time my third ex left me that I came up with the name Zeron Xepher (around the time of my senior year of high school). I wanted to make a name using the characters using "Z" and "X" but found it hard because not many words use those characters. The name "Zero" was very popular name but I did not want to use it because it was over used on the internet. I did base my name after Zero and added an "N" which gives birth to the name, Zeron (I pronounce the "ZE" like the Japanese character, which is why I say it differently than how people would normally say it.)

The Xepher part of my name came from a very popular song from Bemani or Beatmania IIDX titled "Xepher." I grew to love the word "Zephyr" and wanted the "Z" part of my name to be that but after I came up with "Zeron," I found Xepher to be a very suiting combo.

All of this took place before I got into tokusatsu and how my "Zeron" name sound similar to "Zeronos" is just coincidence. My fascination of two characters grew to what is now my online name. Also, the logo on the top left of my video and intro animation has three dashes. Those three dashes originated from ZX3X when I was a child. I thought adding it would bring uniqueness and special meaning to me.

Thank you for reading =D

Friday, May 6, 2011

Update Schedule May 6

Okay, so I just record five new videos and one of those are already up (PuToTyra demo). I'm gonna keep my original schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday releases.

DX Medagaburyu has the HIGHEST priority out of all my reviews and will be up whenever I finish recording it and editing it. It may be up without notice.

With DX Medagaburyu in the process of coming to my house, my releases will be as followed...

[Monday 5/9] - DX Taja Spinner Demo
[Wednesday 5/11] - DX Zeronos Demo / No Vlog
[Friday 5/13] - TaToBa + Kamakiri Demo
Below are unconfirmed
[Monday 5/16] - DX Zeronos Review (changed because I'll be out of town)
[Wednesday 5/18] - Blade Demo

There may not be a Vlog on 5/11 because I will be in South Carolina. I may make a Vlog or a bonus video but I am not sure. Please follow my Facebook Fan Page for current updates.

Yuri Lowell Cosplay Almost Done

My boots came in today and now I'm almost done with the costume. My waist strap is not on because I need help putting it on. My sword replica is coming in as well. I just need to make the blastia, gloves, and trim the wig and I'm set for Animazement 2011. See you guys there.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Candroid Contest Revision I goofed and did not take into consideration that not everyone has a candroid. I automatically assumed that everyone has the same addiction as I do which is the Candroid Drug Addction. So because of this, I will have to change the rules a bit to allow those who do not have candroids and give them a chance to enter.

There are many options and I will take creativity as an option.
My original plan of mashing up candroid to make a candroid but a minimum of three.

Draw a candroid that does not exist in the world of Kamen Rider OOO. For example, Bunny Candroid. Please include what the animal looks like in Can Mode as well as Animal Mode. Please color your work and include your user name. YOU CAN DRAW IT VIA SKETCH AND PHOTOSHOP. Just please do not get help from other. I want this to be your creation.

Create your own candroid by other means such as paper or crafts. When taking a picture, please include your name or user name on a piece of paper.
1: Only one entry per person (don't cheat, fresh Youtube users made during the contest is fishy)
2. Please include your name in photo or artwork. DO NOT PHOTOSHOP IT!
3. Please take your time, you got a whole month.
4. There is no rule 4
5. Do not use animals already used in the show.
6 Do not use similar concepts as the candroids that already exist
7. Please have fun.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Candroid Contest!

I thought of something silly but I thought it would be fun for everyone.

What I'm planning is a candroid contest to create the best GoCandroid-Ou (or megazord) using three or more candroids. It can be any combination of candroids but it has to be three or more. The idea is to stack and make the best looking candroid that would be suitable in battle. No glue or outside source necessary, just use candroids. Just stack and hope they won't fall down. For example, look at my previous blog post.

What will you win? I'm giving away a free Momotaros Imagin Medal from the latest gashapon medal series. Yes you heard me, a free medal. Now, I'll be talking more about this in my next vlog (which will be on May 4). I'll give more information on how to turn in and when the deadline is. I wish the best of luck to everyone willing to enter.