Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Super Duper Update!

Sorry I haven't updated a lot. Biggest problem I have is making a blog and not using it! But I promise, more updates here!

So, we got about a week and a half of Super Sentai Month left and it's sad! I mean, don't be sad, it doesn't mean that I'll stop doing Sentai Reviews! I wanted to dedicate this month for Super Sentai for my friends and viewers. I want to show everyone that I do like Super Sentai and that I will do my best to watch more of the series; currently watching Shinkenger and loving it. I still have a few more Sentai toys to review but I will release them sporadically. The Sentai toy demos were not included in Sentai Month but like I said, I will have them out when I can.

After Sentai Month will be 2WK (Two Weeks of Kiva) which I know many people are excited for. Yes, I am one of few that actually liked Kiva; Shuki liked Kiva too! I have plenty of Kiva items to review but I couldn't get the toys I wanted to review let alone fit it in two weeks. I really don't want to do toooooo many special right next to each other. The toys I had in mind were the Kiva weapons but people are...over pricing them so I had to pass. The toys I have lined up for 2WK are:

-DX Kiva belt
-DX Sagarc Belt
-DX Arc and Rey Set
-That annoying piece of shit Tatsulot

Now for the candroid part. The Candroid Contest wasn't uber big as I thought I would have at least 20 entries. Turns out I got four and one of those was barely colored. Someone didn't read the rules carefully. Anyways, I will be making a video of it sometime next week and I will mail out the item to the winner. I may be giving the winner a Medal Set because you can get them for dirt cheap now. Why waste my money on one medal when it's the same price as a Medal Set? I hope everyone likes seeing the talented works of the Toku community, except Sharky, he was disqualified.

To sum this up, I really enjoy doing more Sentai reviews even if I'm a Sentai Noob =(. I have more plans for my channel such as more Gunpla reviews, Buck's Power Ranger Reviews (thanks to Decade), and Decade's SHF Reviews. Please look forward to these additions in about a month from now.

Last words, Really want to thank all our sponsors for Rajio Nihon;  Riders, Rangers and Rambles' awesome Radio Station.


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