Monday, April 4, 2011

Gokai Pew Pew Pew

I was tired the other night...and I wanted to release DX Orga Driver the other night but I didn't record that ahead of time. It's so much easier to video edit a video that I've already recorded instead of trying to record a new one when I was very tired. Had to deal with stupid customers yesterday and I was very tired dealing with their bullshittery ( is that even a word?). WHEN DO YOU CLOSE? WHEN IS THE NEXT DISCOUNT? WHEN WILL YOU SHUT THE HELL UP? You guys do not want to be part of a liquidation PERIOD. It sucks...

Well anyways, here is the Gokai awesome pew pew gun of awesomeness. Recorded in super duper 1080p and super amazing sounds as well as the super duper cool RRR animations in the ending of the video thank to my fellow guys in RRR. Just remember kids, this shit isnt DX!

WE DELIVER CRAZY TOKU NEWS IN THE CRAZIEST WAY POSSIBLE...I swear, I'm not high....High off candroid drugs.


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