Wednesday, April 13, 2011

YAY! Youtube Partnership!

It has been a crazy two months since Youtube has denied me of partnership. Within these two months, I have created new content such as my animation openings, lower thirds, and vlogs. To believe that I made a new account on December 2010 and started to pick up a lot of popularity makes me very happy. It makes me happier to hear that my viewers do enjoy watching my content by hearing what they say in the comments as well as active participation in the shout out corner in my vlog. I will continue to produce and create awesome videos for all my viewers and guarantee delicious cake to everyone.

I have not resubmitted my partnership application to Youtube just yet. With the two months Youtube gave me to find a way to increase my viewer-ship, I feel like that does not reflect that of my subscriber number. Youtube says that they do not look at subscriber as a base for partnership as they look at viewership. I fear that Youtube will deny me again because of low subscriber number even though I do have good viewership. So far, I’m about 100,000 total video views, 30,000 channel views, and 255 subscribers. The views to me seem very good but I feel my subscriber is lacking. There isn’t much I can do there but to wait and to make more content.


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