Wednesday, April 27, 2011

List of Possible Reviews

Since I'm on a budget, I can still produce videos from my older toys. This way, I can throw videos on YouTube still without using money to buy newer items. I'll be listing the possible reviews that I can do till I get a stable job and pay.

Remember, if anyone wants to help me, there is a donate button on this blog.
DX Zeronos Review/Demo
DX Accel Redo Review
Trial Memeory Review
DX Kabuto Belt Redo Review
DX Gatack Belt Review
DX Blade Buckle Review/Demo
DX Kiva Belt Review/Demo
That annoying Tatsulot thing Review/Demo
Mobirates Demo
Gokai Gun Demo
Kabutick Zecter Review
DX Birth Buster Demo
Taja Spinner Demo
Triple Change Henshin Belt Demo
DX Agito Belt Review/Demo

There are also possible Review weeks where for one week, I focus on a theme such as SHF week.
-Sentai Week (reviewing sentai products for a chanage)
-Kiva Week (Kiva belts and weapons)
-Redo Week (redoing old videos I have on my old youtube "zxghost")
-Kabuto week (Doing the redos of Kabuto, doing Gatack and Kabutick)
-CDA Week (I need to get the rest of the Candroids)
-Double/W Week
-SHF Week (too poor for this but may ask friends for SHF's)


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