Thursday, April 7, 2011

I hate you Mail Man.

So today, my super amazing Ganbaride Official Binder Vol.8 with Medal Holders of awesome came in but I had one major problem. I was like hitting an epiphany while studying for my Poly Sci test tomorrow and I heard the mail truck arriving. That dude didn't even bother ringing the door bell when I was staring at him from the second story but I'm glad he didn't put that SHITTY ASS PINK SLIP on my door for me to pick it up tomorrow at the post office...I love SAL shipping sometimes...but shitz so slow to get here.

I mean seriously, I just have this bad case of not getting my packages or so. No one is home when they deliver my EMS package and they make me drive X miles down to pick it up...then I have to deal with that bull shit lady at the post office as I mentioned before in a previous post.

Let's say it's getting very hot here in North Carolina and my packages get hot in direct sunlight. So... I opened my package and QUE LE FUCK! IT SMELLS LIKE BURNING PLASTIC but shit was fine though. I'm glad it was safe but still...I hate you USPS. Suck on my Long Sasword Zecter.


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