Friday, April 29, 2011

Schedule Change and Weekly Specials

I'm sorry about the last two post I did that broke my schedule format. School is almost out and I have three test before freedom. My first test is today (friday) and I got one on May 2nd and May 4th. Please note that it may take awhile to upload my videos as I will not have my school's internet speed to upload my 2gb-4gb videos.

I may change up my schedule up but as of right now, I'm gonna keep it in a well organized format like my Monday, Wednesday, Friday releases. New schedule will be TBA! When I start rolling in the special weekly reviews, I will announce them and make a video on a Sunday before the weekly reviews start.

If that sounds confusing then here is what I'm trying to say. I'm trying to throw a theme week reviews such as KIVA WEEK! Where I will review Kiva toys Monday-Friday for the special. Now you guys know why I listed those weekly release in the last blog post. Please note that this may take awhile.

Anyways, If things are looking good, my upcoming releases will be.
-No dates confirmed but will go by order as best as possible-
O-Medal Holder
O-Medal Set 04 PuToTyra Demo
DX Taja Spinner Demo
DX Zeronos Review
DX Zeronos Demo w/ Zero card (thanks to kickhopper)
*Kiva Week

*If things are doing fine, I'll try to push the weekly specials

By the way, if you have not watched my DX Tissue and PuToTyra videos


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