Sunday, April 17, 2011

Update: April 17, 2011

Just a little update for those following me...(don't be a stalker >.> ). Anyways, I've mentioned before that I will be busy this whole month especially with the amount of school work I have. Let's say that I have like four things due for my Sociology of the Family class on the 20th (and I haven't even started yet). I have a presentation for Political Science on the same day but I need to compose a Power Point so I will be well organized. And finally, I need to go to one more music concert for Music Appreciation All my final exams will be during the last week of this month and first week of next month.

Today is my last last day working at Borders so I won't have time to record until I get back home which will be very late. My plan is to record at least two videos and do more recording maybe Tuesday and Thursday. Like always, vlogs will be recorded every Tuesday for Wednesday's release. I just need to record to stay on top because I feel like I'm getting lazy. I don't think I will get Gokai Gun Demo out because I wanted to do some special effects for it (which will take some time)

As of right now, I cannot give a confirmed dates for any releases except for DX Orga belt for Monday and the Vlog for Wednesday. I won't have any new unboxings except for the Ganbaride card binder so I will have to stick to demos for awhile since I'm running low on cash (I'm actually in the negatives right now in terms of money/debt).

Also note that I will be gone this Saturday, April 23, as I will be going to Hoshicon. I may record a video or so and I might post it up when I get the chance.


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