Friday, May 6, 2011

Update Schedule May 6

Okay, so I just record five new videos and one of those are already up (PuToTyra demo). I'm gonna keep my original schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday releases.

DX Medagaburyu has the HIGHEST priority out of all my reviews and will be up whenever I finish recording it and editing it. It may be up without notice.

With DX Medagaburyu in the process of coming to my house, my releases will be as followed...

[Monday 5/9] - DX Taja Spinner Demo
[Wednesday 5/11] - DX Zeronos Demo / No Vlog
[Friday 5/13] - TaToBa + Kamakiri Demo
Below are unconfirmed
[Monday 5/16] - DX Zeronos Review (changed because I'll be out of town)
[Wednesday 5/18] - Blade Demo

There may not be a Vlog on 5/11 because I will be in South Carolina. I may make a Vlog or a bonus video but I am not sure. Please follow my Facebook Fan Page for current updates.


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