Sunday, May 1, 2011

Candroid Contest!

I thought of something silly but I thought it would be fun for everyone.

What I'm planning is a candroid contest to create the best GoCandroid-Ou (or megazord) using three or more candroids. It can be any combination of candroids but it has to be three or more. The idea is to stack and make the best looking candroid that would be suitable in battle. No glue or outside source necessary, just use candroids. Just stack and hope they won't fall down. For example, look at my previous blog post.

What will you win? I'm giving away a free Momotaros Imagin Medal from the latest gashapon medal series. Yes you heard me, a free medal. Now, I'll be talking more about this in my next vlog (which will be on May 4). I'll give more information on how to turn in and when the deadline is. I wish the best of luck to everyone willing to enter.


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